You are sailing through rough waters near the wind?

Do you recognize the feeling that it is all getting a bit too much and you fear to drown?

How mindfulness can help you to keep the balance:

Mindfulness is a lot more than ‘just’ a buzzword, it works.

The concept is very easy to understand: fully being in the present moment, with complete awareness, free of any judgement. This leads, among other effects, to a clearer state of mind, greater awareness in thought and action, a more relaxed and equanimous reaction to stress or unforeseen situations. Lessening the sensations of stress has proven positive effects on health and vitality and strengthens the resilience.

We cannot change the wind, but we can adjust the sails.

Despite the rather simple definition of mindfulness it is surprisingly difficult to be mindful during everyday life – old habits die hard. New behavioral patterns feel unfamiliar or even uncomfortable. But that is normal – you do not expect to be a tennis or golf pro after the first training session either, and a few aching muscles are part of the process.

These options are available for you to sustain a healthy course with the help of mindfulness:

'Classic' MBSR 8-week-course in a group

There are good reasons why the programme ‘Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction’ (MBSR) is a long running hit since it was designed in the early 80s. The content is very well selected and composed, aiming at feasible and sustainable change in the life of the participants.

Many practical exercises increase the likelihood of transfer into everyday life after the course has finished.

Group courses in English are offered upon request and with a minimum of 6 participants. The course can be held online.

Individual MBSR 8-week-course

The content is the same as in the group course, but we arrange the single sessions at your convenience, often as a mix of online and presence sessions. 100% online classes are equally possible.

Due to the greater intensity the 8 weekly sessions run for 1.5 hours instead of 2.5 hours and the practice day is scheduled for 4 instead of 6 hours.

Participating in a MBSR-course is only possible after a personal preliminary talk (by phone or online). Therefore please contact me in good time before you would like to start the programme in order to arrange for a call. There you have the opportunity to ask questions and check your motivation as well as capability to engage in the daily personal practice of 40-45 minutes that is part of the programme.

If you speak some German you find a lot more information on the content of MBSR on my website

You can get more inspiration and information in these videos:

Next courses in German:

Group course in Witten: 28.10. – 16.12.2021, 8x thursdays 6.30 – 9 pm, practice day sunday, 05.12., 10 am – 3 pm

Group course online via Zoom: 27.10. – 15.12.2021, 8x wednesdays 7 – 9.30 pm, practice day saturday, 04.12., 2 – 7 pm

A good level of conversational German is needed for participation in this group course. Since a personal talk is needed anyway before the start of the programme we can find out then if joining the class makes sense. If you are interested please get in touch to schedule a call.

Group and individual courses in English are available upon request.